Cows For Sale

Our barn is filling up quickly and we will have several Guernsey cows for sale in September. Please contact us at 608-876-6083 or if you would like more information.

Notes about our herd:

Cows are fed a TMR ration and housed in a tie-stall barn during winter months. (Fed TMR out of a bunk during spring, summer and early fall – have access to pasture, as well.) No BST (rBGH) is used. Herd has been closed for 15 years. Cows are vaccinated with Pyramid 10, Spirovac, Guardian, SRP, Alpha 7 and J-Vac. We also vaccinate for Johne’s (herd is tested annually and is certified class A), Bangs and all animals are given a magnet at six months of age.

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